Colpo&Zilio Company


Handmade in Italy

“In a string of pearls, a clasp or closure, especially a diamond-set one, has to be emphasized and should be worn where it can be seen.” This lesson in good taste by Coco Chanel is a must for Colpo & Zilio.

Colpo & Zilio has, since 1978, been specialized in the design and creation of lobster claw closures and clasps, and hooks in gold, silver and platinum, to be applied to necklaces and bracelets of pearls or to pieces of fine jewellery with and without diamonds and gems.

The historic goldsmith factory is based in Vicenza and has consolidated experience in the production of its own collections and as a subcontractor of finished products on behalf of internationally renowned brands.

All work carried out is 100% Made in Italy by specialized, highly experienced and highly trained personnel.

The ancient Italian art of jewellery is combined with the most modern and up-to-date design and production techniques, creating masterpieces of timeless beauty: an obsessive attention to detail, technological innovation and continuous investment in research guarantee the highest quality of each product, made entirely in Italy with unique refinement and elegance.

C&Z takes part in the most important jewellery shows:
Vicenza, Basil, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Tokyo.